Organizing Meetings

Last updated: 2020-04-03 16:56:26

    Organizing Meetings

    Role: Organizer / Host

    Scheduling a Meeting

    Follow the steps below to schedule a meeting.

    1. Click Schedule after logging in.

    2. Enter the meeting title and set the Start time and End time.

    3. Toggle on Mute Attendees When They Join

    4. We suggest toggling on Add Watermark on Shared Screens to ensure data security.

    5. Once a meeting has been scheduled successfully, a record will appear on your schedule list.

    6. Users can enter the meeting by clicking on the meeting title from the list.

    Set Up A Meeting Co-host

    Co-hosts can mute and unmute attendees. They can also rename any attendee and assist in attendance management for large-scale online conferences.

    1. Click Attendees and select the person who you want to set as a co-host;
    2. Click the expand arrow icon and select Make Co-host.