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Unmuting with Shortcut Key

Last updated: 2022-04-06 16:32:38

    Feature Overview

    You can press and hold the space key to speak to temporarily unmute yourself.


    • Logged-in user: Free or Enterprise Edition user
    • Logged-in device: Windows or macOS
    • Version: v2.8.0 or later


    • Pressing and holding the space key to unmute yourself is not a global feature. It will take effect only when the client is active.
    • The Press and hold space key to unmute yourself option in the settings is selected by default and can be disabled.
    • Prerequisites for the shortcut key to take effect:
      • The PC audio must be connected when the meeting window is focused.
      • The mic is currently turned off or you turn off the mic when speaking.
    • Time when the shortcut key will take effect: you can activate the space shortcut key when you press and hold it for longer than 0.5s. It will be deactivated when you release it, the mic is disconnected exceptionally, or you leave the meeting.

    Using Shortcut Key

    After the shortcut key has taken effect, you can unmute yourself to speak by pressing and holding the space key for longer than 0.5s.

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