Last updated: 2020-04-05 12:30:41

Why can’t I turn on the video?

Troubleshoot the problem as follows:

  1. Check if another application is using the camera.

  2. Restart your computer to ensure that the camera is not being used by another application.

  3. Update your camera driver.

How do I view only the shared screen and not the video of attendees?

Click Settings after joining the video conference and select General Settings. Enable audio mode to stop receiving video from other attendees and only view the shared screen.

How do I share just one window instead of the whole desktop?

TVM supports both desktop and application window sharing. To share an application window, click Share Screen from the bottom menu bar and choose the application window to be shared.

Why doesn’t my device have the beauty filter feature?

TVM supports the beauty filter feature on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android clients. However, the hardware and software of the client used must meet specific requirements.

  • Windows clients must support Direct3D 11 or later.

  • macOS clients must support Metal, and the operating system version must be later than 10.11.

  • iOS clients be models later than iPhone 6S, and the operating system version must be later than 8.0.

  • Android clients must support OpenCL, the Qualcomm GPU must be Adreno 418 or later, and the Mail GPU must be Mali-G76 or later.

Why is the video noise reduction feature unavailable on my device?

TVM supports the video noise reduction feature on macOS and Android clients. To use this feature, the clients must support dual-core CPU and AVX2 command set extension. CPU chips launched after 2013 support AVX2 command set extension.

Why doesn’t the video become brighter after I turn on the low-light video enhancement switch?

TVM’s low-light video enhancement feature includes a low-light detection capability. TVM will not enable the low-light video enhancement feature if it detects that the setting is well-lit.

How do I record videos in TVM?

TVM currently does not support video recording. This feature is under development. For more information or to download TVM for a free trial, go to the official TVM website.