Applying for a Tunnel

Last updated: 2020-02-25 22:30:11


Application steps

  1. Login Direct connect access-dedicated tunnel Console.
  2. Click [+ Create] to initiate dedicated tunnel's application. To create dedicated tunnel, you need to enter the following information. For more information on the parameters, please see below. Description of the meaning of parameters :

Description of the meaning of parameters

Parameters Description Note
Dedicated tunnel name Please create your Dedicated Tunnel name. -
Connection Type
  • My Direct connect: connection who uses this account
  • Hosting Direct connect: (about publish) Dedicated bandwidth connection of Assign for you by the owner of connection
  • Shared Direct connect: connection who uses other accounts. Sharing Direct connect does not mean sharing connection bandwidth, but refers to sharing Tencent Cloud connection port and isolating different tenants through 802.1q VLANs technology.
  • The application for sharing Direct connect only needs to be accepted by the owner of connection, and there is no need for Tencent Cloud to intervene.
    Physical Direct Connect [my Direct connect] [hosting Direct connect] choose the connection ID that you need to build dedicated tunnel. -
    Provider Account ID [shared Direct connect] enter the account to which connection belongs to which you need to share. -
    Share Direct connect ID [shared Direct connect] enter the shared Direct connect ID that you need to establish for dedicated tunnel. -
    Access Network supported Virtual Private Cloud and Cloud networking network . Cloud networking: it is possible to connect multiple VPC networks with one channel.
    Virtual Private Cloud [VPC] Select the network instance ID to which dedicated tunnel needs to connect. BM network only supports Standard Direct connect gateway for the time being.
    Gateway region [cloud networking network] indicates the region of Direct connect gateway for cloud networking, which is the same as the public cloud region to which connection's access point belongs. To share Direct connect mode, you need to obtain the regional information of Direct connect access point from the owner of connection.
    Direct Connect gateway VPC VPC Direct connect gateway is the same as VPC region; Direct connect gateway in cloud networking is the same as the public cloud region to which Direct connect access point belongs Cloud networking Direct connect gateway does not support NAT feature at this time.
    VLAN ID VLAN ID = 0: this means that connection can only create one channel without enabling the sub-interface. MSTP Direct connect pass through multi-VLAN needs ISP line to turn on Trunk mode.
    Bandwidth Bandwidth refers to the upper limit of the rate, which can be changed later through "channel change". In the billing mode of monthly post-95 payment, the "bandwidth" parameter does not represent the billing bandwidth. -
    Interconnected IP Support user customization and Tencent Cloud random Assign (the address of random Assign can go to channel for details after submitting the application to obtain the interconnected IP address).
  • "Tencent Cloud Border IP" indicates the border interconnection IP on connection's Tencent Cloud side.
  • "user boundary IP" means that the interconnection IP, of connection user side (or ISP network side) needs to be configured by users.
  • If you choose to interconnect the IP, with publish, Direct connect gateway, please plan the IP, in advance to avoid IP conflicts.
    Route mode BGP routing and static routing are supported. Tencent Cloud ASN:45090
    BGP ASN [BGP routing] Optional, please enter the BGP neighbor AS number on the CPE side. No input will be made by the system random Assign. -
    BGP Key [BGP routing] Optional, please enter the MD5 value of the BGP neighbor. The default is "tencent", leaving blank means that no BGP key is required. -
    User IDC IP range [static route] enter IP range of CPE on the user side. Please note that you cannot conflict with IP range of VPC in non-NAT mode. Support for change: IP range can be updated later through the console "channel change".

    Connection status description

    The possible states of dedicated tunnel are as follows:

    • Applying
      The system has received the user's instruction to apply for the new channel and is ready to initiate the creation of job.
    • Pending accepted
      Connection owner approval, connection owner "accept" channel application can create channel, do not need Tencent Cloud examination and approval.
    • Configuring
      The system is configuring deliver parameters. If the "configuration" period is too long, it means that there is a problem with the system deliver configuration. Please contact your architect or Submit a ticket Contact.
    • Configuration completed
      The system has been configured according to the parameters you entered, but your IDC interconnection address has not been ping, which supports deletion.
    • Connected
      The system has ping your IDC Device interconnection address, but it does not mean that the business has been successfully connected. Please go to VPC or cloud networking. Route table Complete the relevant configuration and realize the connection.
    • Deleting
      The system is processing your deletion request. If the "deletion" period is too long, it means that there is a problem with the system deletion configuration. Please contact your architect or Submit a ticket Contact.

    Use Limits on Large IP Range

    To ensure the refined scheduling capability of your network, do not publish the following routes: , , , .
    You can split the above large routes into the following ones for distribution:
    Should be split into + .

      Should be split into + .
      " Compact 24"
      Should be split into + .
      Should be split into + .