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Last updated: 2022-05-10 16:28:30

    Direct Connect connects Tencent Cloud with the user IDC with a dedicated physical line. After configuring the Direct Connect gateway and dedicated tunnel on the Tencent Cloud side, users need to configure routes on the local IDC. Using the layer-3 sub-interfaces to connect to Tencent Cloud is recommended.


    This document only introduces the local routing configurations associated with Tencent Cloud Direct Connect. For other information, please see the local router documentation or consult your router provider.

    Routing Configuration


    It's recommended that you use the default configurations of Keepalive and holdtime for the BGP connection between the two peers. The holdtime is three times the interval at which keepalive messages are sent. The recommended holdtime value is 180s.

    # Configure ports
    interfaces <interface_number>
    description <interface_desc>
    undo portswitch
    undo shutdown
    speed <interface_speed>
    duplex full
    undo negotiation auto
    # Configure virtual tunnels (layer 3 sub-interfaces)
    interface  <interface_number>.subinterface-number
    description <subinterface_desc>
    dot1q termination vid <vlanid>
    ip address <subinterface_ipaddress> <subinterface_netmask>
    # Configure NQA detection for static routes
    nqa test-instance <admin-name>< test-name>
    test-type icmp  //Default detection type
    destination-address  x.x.x.x(nexthop-address )//Detection address
    interval seconds <value> //Detection interval
    timeout <value> //Timeout period
    probe-count <value> //Number of packets per detection
    frequency <value> //Detection frequency
    start now
    # Configure static routing
    # Configure global static routes
    ip route-static <ip-address> <mask | mask-length> <nexthop-address>track nqa  <admin-name>< test-name>//<ip-address>
    Destination IP ranges for users to access Tencent network services
    such as ip route-static track nqa user test
    # Configure static routes for users to access Tencent Cloud in VRF mode
    ip route-static <vpn-instance vpn-instance-name> <ip-address> <mask | mask-length> <nexthop-
    address>track nqa  <admin-name>< test-name>
    such as ip route-static vpn-instance GLOBAL track nqa user test
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