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Last updated: 2020-06-04 14:20:58
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    Connection exception information at the port level can be reported. When a physical port under your account is exceptional, or the port is not properly connected (transfer over the connection linkage is interrupted or exceptional), the exception information will be reported to Cloud Monitor. After the port is recovered, the event status will be updated accordingly.

    Event Event Name Event Type Dimension Recoverable
    Event Description Solution and Suggestion
    Connection down DirectConnect
    Exception event Connection Yes Transfer over the connection linkage is interrupted or exceptional 1. Check whether the physical line is exceptional or interrupted (for example, the fiber cable is cut off, the line is unplugged, etc.).
    2. Check whether the opposite interface and optical/electrical modules are normal.
    3. Check whether the network device interface is turned off.

    You can subscribe to and query relevant event information on the product event page in the Cloud Monitor Console in the following steps:

    Subscribing to Product Event

    You can configure alarm channels by subscribing to product events. When a connection product event occurs, the system will automatically push it to the monitoring system of your Tencent Cloud account.

    1. Log in to the Cloud Monitor Console.
    2. Click Alarm Configuration > Alarm Policy on the left sidebar to enter the alarm configuration page.
    3. Click Add in the top-left corner to create an alarm policy.
    4. On the "Create Policy" page, set the following configuration items:
      • Policy Name: enter a policy name, which can contain 1–20 characters or underscores.
      • Remarks: enter the policy remarks, which can contain 1–100 characters or underscores.
      • Policy Type: select Direct Connect > Connection.
      • Project: use the default option.
      • Alarm Object: select the connection instance object to be configured.
      • Trigger Condition: select Configure Trigger Condition and check Event Alarm only.
      • Alarm Channel: select the target recipients, valid time period, and receipt channel.
      • API Callback: if you need callback, enter a URL accessible over the public network as the callback API address (domain name or IP[:port][/path]), and Cloud Monitor will push alarm messages to this address promptly.
    5. After completing the configuration, click Complete.

    Querying Product Event

    You can view connection exceptions by querying connection product events.

    1. Log in to the Cloud Monitor Console.
    2. Click Event Center > Product Event on the left sidebar to enter the product event page.
    3. Double-click "All" in "Product Type: All" in the search box on the right, select Connection as the product type in the drop-down list, and click Complete.
    4. Event information of all connections under the current account in the last 7 days will be displayed in the list by default.

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