Managing Internet Tunnels

Last updated: 2021-01-15 18:54:07

    After an Internet tunnel is created, you can modify or delete it, edit tags, and perform other operations on the console.

    Modifying a Tunnel

    Tunnel 1.0

    Contact your Direct Connect representative to modify a 1.0 Internet tunnel.

    Tunnel 2.0

    Perform the following operations to modify a 2.0 Internet tunnel.

    1. Log in to the Direct Connect console and click Internet Tunnels in the left sidebar.
    2. Locate the Internet tunnel to be modified and click Modify Tunnel under the Operation column.
    3. Select the Cloudification Link tab and configure as follows:
      • Modify the tunnel configuration
        1. Click Edit on the right of the Tunnel Configuration.
        2. Modify the Tencent Cloud primary IP, Tencent Cloud secondary IP, CPE IP, VLAN ID, or other parameters as needed, and click Save.
      • Modify the routing mode
        1. Click Edit on the right of the Routing Mode.
        2. Configure the routing mode as instructed below and click Save.
          • BGP asn: enter the ASN number of the local IDC. If it is left empty, the system will automatically obtain the ASN number.
          • BGP key: enter the MD5 value of the BGP neighbor, which defaults to "tencent". If it is left empty, no BGP key is required. It cannot contain special characters such as ?, &, space, ", , and +.
      • Enable or disable the health check
        After the health check is enabled, the service will be quickly switched to the standby link in case of network exceptions.

    Deleting an Internet Tunnel

    1. On the Internet Tunnels page, select the tunnel to be deleted and click Delete under the Operation column.


      A Modifying or Configuring tunnel cannot be deleted.

    2. Click Delete in the pop-up window to confirm the deletion. You can create a dedicated tunnel with the same VLAN ID only after the deletion operation is completed.

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