Database Instance Type

Last updated: 2020-02-25 17:51:30


A database instance is a standalone database environment running in Tencent Cloud. It can contain multiple user-created databases and can be accessed using the same tools and applications as those for a standalone database instance.

Tencent Cloud database MySQL has the following three database examples:

Instance typeDefinitionInstance ArchitectureWhether the list of instances is visibleFeature
Root instanceA readable and writable instance
  • Basic Edition
  • High availability version
  • YesMaster instance can mount read-only instances and disaster recovery instances to realize read/write separation and remote disaster preparedness functions.
    Read-only InstanceOnly instances of read function are providedSingle node high IO versionYesA read-only instance cannot exist alone and must belong to a certain Master instance. The only data source is synchronizing data from Master instance, which can only be in the same region as the master instance.
    DR InstanceProvide examples of disaster preparedness capabilities across availability zones and regionsHigh availability versionYesDisaster recovery instances can only be read when synchronized. Disaster recovery instances can be actively disconnected from Master instance and actively promoted to the main instance, which can provide the ability to read and write Access, which must be different from Master instance.