Database Instance Types

Last updated: 2020-09-14 11:35:45

    A TencentDB instance is a standalone database environment running in Tencent Cloud. It includes multiple databases created by users and can be accessed using the same tools and applications as those for a standalone database instance.

    There are three types of instances available in TencentDB for MySQL:

    Instance Type Definition Architecture Visible in the Instance List Feature
    Source instance An instance that can be read from and written to
  • Basic Edition
  • High-availability Edition
  • Finance Edition
  • Yes A source instance can mount read-only instances and disaster recovery instances for read/write separation and remote disaster recovery
    Read-only instance An instance that can only be read from Single-node High IO Edition Yes A read-only instance cannot exist on its own. Instead, it must be affiliated to a source instance. Its data comes solely from syncing with the source instance, and it must reside in the same region as the source instance.
    Disaster recovery instance An instance that supports disaster recovery across AZs and regions
  • High-availability Edition
  • Finance Edition
  • Yes A disaster recovery instance is read-only when it syncs with a source instance. It can actively stop the sync and be promoted to a source instance for read/write access. The disaster recovery instance should reside in a different region than the source instance does.

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