Use Cases

Last updated: 2022-01-18 10:36:24


    Gaming scenarios generally require elastic scaling and fast rollback.

    • TencentDB for MySQL features elastic scaling of compute resources, enabling you to increase productivity and deploy game servers in multiple regions in a matter of minutes.
    • Its support for rollback and batch operation, which enables you to restore to any point in time to facilitate gaming rollback.

    Web/Mobile Apps

    TencentDB for MySQL can serve as the storage medium of server data in web and mobile apps. For scenarios where there are more reads than writes, read-only instances can be created for frequently read databases, which greatly improves the read performance.


    With its database services such as security audit, cross-region disaster recovery, and strong data consistency, TencentDB for MySQL is ideal for storing and processing data of financial transactions and accounts to ensure high security and reliability of financial data.


    TencentDB for MySQL features high performance and works seamlessly with Redis cache solution, enabling you to easily cope with high-concurrence access traffic and business peaks during sales and marketing campaigns.