Last updated: 2020-08-25 11:36:33

TXSQL is a MySQL kernel branch maintained by the TencentDB team and is fully compatible with native MySQL. It provides various features similar to those in the MySQL Enterprise Edition, such as enterprise-grade transparent data encryption, auditing, thread pool, encryption function, and backup and restoration.

TXSQL not only deeply optimizes the InnoDB storage engine, query performance, and replication performance, but also improves the ease of use and maintainability of TencentDB for MySQL. While providing all the benefits of MySQL, it offers more enterprise-grade advanced features such as disaster recovery, restoration, monitoring, performance optimization, read/write separation, transparent data encryption, and auditing.

The following provides more information about TXSQL:

  • For details on the TencentDB for MySQL kernel version updates, please see Kernel Version Updates.
  • TencentDB for MySQL supports the instant algorithm to quickly add columns in big tables, while avoiding data replication. For more information, please see Quick Column Adding Feature.
  • The kernel minor versions of TencentDB for MySQL can be upgraded automatically or manually. For more information, please see Upgrading Kernel Minor Version.
  • You can use a CVM instance to log in to a TencentDB for MySQL instance and check its kernel minor version. For more information, please see How do I check the kernel minor version?.