Creating CLB Instances

Last updated: 2020-07-16 16:06:30

    Tencent Cloud allows you to create a CLB instance on the official purchase page or via API. The two methods are detailed below:

    Creating a CLB instance on the official purchase page

    You can purchase a CLB instance on Tencent Cloud official website. Private network CLB is free of charge, while public network CLB only charges instance fees on an hourly pay-as-you-go basis. You can purchase public network on CVM. For more information on network billing modes, please see Public Network Billing Mode.

    You can purchase a CLB instance on the official website as follows:

    1. Log into Tencent Cloud official website and go to CLB purchase page.
    2. Select "CLB" (recommended) as the instance type.
    3. Select attributes as needed, such as network and project to which the instance belongs. For more information on attributes, please see Product Attribute Selection.
    4. Complete payment after confirming the purchase.
    5. CLB service is enabled after the payment completes. You can now configure and use the CLB instance.

    Creating a CLB instance via API

    If you want to purchase a CLB instance via API, you can create a CLB instance as instructed in CLB API.

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