Purchase Channels

Last updated: 2019-04-02 09:25:27


Users can purchase Tencent Cloud CLB service in the following two ways.

Purchasing on Official Tencent Cloud Website

Log into Tencent Cloud to purchase CLB service. Private network CLB is free of charge, and public network CLB charges a rental fee only. The public network CLB is billed pay-as-you-go and on a per-day basis. The public network should be purchased on CVM. For details, see Billing Description.

Purchase directions:

  1. Log into Tencent Cloud CLB Purchase Page.
  2. Select an instance type. Application CLB instance is recommended.
  3. Select the network type, network, project and instance name according to your needs.
  4. Click "Buy Now" and make your payment. Now your CLB instance is ready to be configured.

Purchasing via API

To purchase CLB instance via API, see CLB API.