Querying Redirection Relation of Listener Rules

Last updated: 2020-08-28 16:54:06

    API Description

    Domain name: lb.api.qcloud.com
    API name: DescribeRewrite

    Input Parameters

    Parameter Name Required Type Description
    loadBalancerIds No Array ID of load balancer instance. It can be queried by entering 1 or -1 in input parameter "forward" field through the API DescribeLoadBalancers.
    listenerIds No Array Unique ID of listener.
    locationIds No Array Unique ID of forwarding rule.

    Output Parameters

    Parameter Name Type Description
    code Int Error code. 0: Successful; other values: Failed.
    message String Error message.
    codeDesc String Error code at business side. For a successful operation, "Success" is returned. In case of an error, a message describing the reason for the error is returned.
    data Array Output result that contains the information of returned scheduled task list.

    "data" is composed as follows:

    Parameter Name Type Description
    RewriteSet Array Redirect relationship set of forwarding rules

    Each element of RewriteSet contains the following fields:

    Parameter Name Type Description
    uListenerId String Unique ID of source listener.
    uLocationId String Unique ID of source forwarding rule
    targetuListenerId String Unique ID of target listener
    targetuLocationId String Unique ID of target forwarding rule



    &<Common request parameters>


        "code": 0,
        "message": "",
        "codeDesc": "Success",
        "data": {
            "RewriteSet": [
                    "uListenerId": "lbl-jb2kkehy",
                    "uLocationId": "loc-n68ar3hi",
                    "domain": "clue.cn",
                    "url": "/",
                    "httpGzip": true,
                    "httpHash": "wrr",
                    "keep_time": 900,
                    "targetuListenerId": "lbl-jb2kkehy",
                    "targetuLocationId": "loc-9wo2gh66",
                    "bAutoCreated": 0,
                    "health": {
                        "healthNum": 3,
                        "httpCheckPath": "/",
                        "httpCode": 31,
                        "intervalTime": 5,
                        "switch": 1,
                        "timeOut": 2,
                        "unhealthNum": 3

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