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Last updated: 2020-08-27 15:34:12

Tencent Cloud Serverless Cloud Function (SCF) is a serverless execution environment provided for organizations and developers. It can help you run code with no need to purchase and manage servers, making it an ideal computing platform in scenarios such as real-time file processing and data processing. All you need to do is to write the core code using the languages supported by the platform and set the conditions for code execution. After that, your code can be executed on the Tencent Cloud infrastructure in an elastic and secure manner.

SCF operations supported by CloudAudit are as shown below:

Operation Name Resource Type Event Name
Copying function scf CopyFunction
Creating function version alias scf CreateAlias
Creating function scf CreateFunction
Creating function testing template scf CreateFunctionTestModel
Creating namespace scf CreateNamespace
Setting function trigger scf CreateTrigger
Deleting alias scf DeleteAlias
Deleting function scf DeleteFunction
Deleting function testing template scf DeleteFunctionTestModel
Deleting the specified version of specified layer (once deleted, a version cannot be associated with the function again, but will not affect other functions that are referencing this layer) scf DeleteLayerVersion
Deleting namespace scf DeleteNamespace
Deleting function trigger scf DeleteTrigger
Querying account quota scf GetAccount
Querying account quota scf GetAccountSettings
Getting alias details scf GetAlias
Getting function details scf GetFunction
Getting the download address of function code scf GetFunctionAddress
Getting function log scf GetFunctionLogs
Getting the corresponding serverless application model of function scf GetFunctionSAM
Getting function testing template scf GetFunctionTestModel
Getting the total number of functions scf GetFunctionTotalNum
Getting the number of function triggers scf GetFunctionUsageTriggerCount
Getting layer version details, such as links for downloading files in layer scf GetLayerVersion
Getting monthly usage scf GetUserMonthUsage
Getting yesterday's data scf GetUserYesterdayUsage
Getting alias list scf ListAliases
Getting function list scf ListFunctions
Getting the list of function testing templates scf ListFunctionTestModels
Returning the list of all layers, which contains the information of the latest version of each layer and can be used for filtering during runtime after adaptation scf ListLayers
Returning the information of all versions of specified layer scf ListLayerVersions
Listing namespaces scf ListNamespaces
Querying function version scf ListVersionByFunction
Using specified ZIP file or COS object to create layer version (every time this API is called with the name of the same layer, a new version will be generated) scf PublishLayerVersion
scfPublishVersion scf PublishVersion
Updating alias configuration scf UpdateAlias
Updating function code scf UpdateFunctionCode
Updating function configuration scf UpdateFunctionConfiguration
Incrementally updating function code scf UpdateFunctionIncrementalCode
Updating function testing template scf UpdateFunctionTestModel
Updating namespace scf UpdateNamespace
Updating trigger status scf UpdateTriggerStatus
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