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Last updated: 2020-08-27 15:34:15

Cloud Access Management (CAM) is a web-based Tencent Cloud service that helps you securely manage and control access permissions, resources, and use permissions of your Tencent Cloud account. Using CAM, you can create, manage, and terminate users (groups), and control the Tencent Cloud resources that can be used by the specified user through identity and policy management.

CAM operations supported by CloudAudit are as shown below:

Operation Name Resource Type Event Name
Adding sub-user with only console permissions cam AddConsoleUser
Adding user cam AddSubAccount
Creating sub-user cam AddSubAccountCheckingMFA
Adding users to user group in batches cam AddSubAccountsToGroup
Adding sub-user cam AddUser
Adding user to user group cam AddUserToGroup
Binding multiple policies to user group cam AttachGroupPolicies
Binding policy to user group cam AttachGroupPolicy
Binding policy to multiple user groups cam AttachGroupsPolicy
Binding multiple policies to role cam AttachRolePolicies
Binding policy to role cam AttachRolePolicy
Binding policy to multiple roles cam AttachRolesPolicy
Binding multiple policies to user cam AttachUserPolicies
Binding policy to user cam AttachUserPolicy
Binding policy to multiple users cam AttachUsersPolicy
Performing batch binding cam BatchOperateCamStrategy
Binding token cam BindToken
Checking sub-user name cam CheckSubAccountName
Querying whether the user is associated with any policies cam CheckUserPolicyAttachment
Verifying custom MFA token cam ConsumeCustomMFAToken
Creating access key cam CreateAccessKey
Creating API key cam CreateApiKey
Creating sub-account key cam CreateCollApiKey
Creating user group cam CreateGroup
Adding policy cam CreatePolicy
CreatePolicyVersion cam CreatePolicyVersion
Creating project key cam CreateProjectKey
Creating role cam CreateRole
Creating role in console cam CreateRoleByConsole
Creating SAML identity provider cam CreateSAMLProvider
Creating sub-account binding limit cam CreateSubAccountBindPolicy
Creating sub-account login IP policy cam CreateSubAccountLoginIpPolicy
Adding user cam CreateSubAccounts
Creating sub-account invitation QR code cam CreateSubUserInviteQRCode
Deleting access key cam DeleteAccessKey
Deleting API key cam DeleteApiKey
Deleting sub-account key cam DeleteCollApiKey
Deleting entity permission boundary cam DeleteEntitiesPermissionsBoundary
Deleting user group cam DeleteGroup
Deleting policy cam DeletePolicy
DeletePolicyVersion cam DeletePolicyVersion
Deleting project key cam DeleteProjectKey
Deleting role cam DeleteRole
Deleting role permission boundary cam DeleteRolePermissionsBoundary
Deleting SAML identity provider cam DeleteSAMLProvider
Deleting user cam DeleteSubAccount
Deleting sub-user cam DeleteUser
Querying assisting approver cam DescribeAssistApprover
Getting policy details cam DescribeCamStrategyDetail
Getting role list cam DescribeRoleList
Viewing sub-account binding limit cam DescribeSubAccountBindPolicy
Viewing sub-account login IP policy cam DescribeSubAccountLoginIpPolicy
Unbinding multiple policies from user group cam DetachGroupPolicies
Unbinding policy from user group cam DetachGroupPolicy
Unbinding policy from multiple user groups cam DetachGroupsPolicy
Unbinding multiple policies from role cam DetachRolePolicies
Unbinding policy from role cam DetachRolePolicy
Unbinding policy from multiple roles cam DetachRolesPolicy
Unbinding multiple policies from user cam DetachUserPolicies
Unbinding policy from user cam DetachUserPolicy
Unbinding policy from multiple users cam DetachUsersPolicy
Disabling API key cam DisableApiKey
Deleting sub-account key cam DisableCollApiKey
Disabling project key cam DisableProjectKey
Enabling API key cam EnableApiKey
Enabling sub-account key cam EnableCollApiKey
Enabling project key cam EnableProjectKey
Getting account summary cam GetAccountSummary
Getting all sub-user information cam GetAllSubUser
Pulling API key cam GetApiKey
Getting the association information of custom MFA token cam GetCustomMFATokenInfo
Querying user group cam GetGroup
Getting CAM password setting rule cam GetPasswordRules
Viewing policy details cam GetPolicy
GetPolicyVersion cam GetPolicyVersion
Pulling project key cam GetProjectKey
Getting role details cam GetRole
Getting security settings overview information cam GetSafeAuthInfo
Querying the information of SAML identity provider cam GetSAMLProvider
Pulling sub-user binding information cam GetSubAccountBindInfo
Pulling sub-user information cam GetUser
Pulling basic user information cam GetUserBasicInfo
Listing access keys cam ListAccessKeys
Querying policies associated with all user groups cam ListAllGroupsPolicies
Viewing the list of policies associated with user group cam ListAttachedGroupPolicies
Viewing the list of policies associated with role cam ListAttachedRolePolicies
Listing all policies associated with user (including those associated with user group) cam ListAttachedUserAllPolicies
Viewing the list of policies associated with user cam ListAttachedUserPolicies
Viewing the list of entities associated with policy cam ListEntitiesForPolicy
Getting user group list cam ListGroups
Querying the list of user groups associated with user cam ListGroupsForUser
Querying the policies associated with user group in batches cam ListGroupsPolicies
Querying identity provider list cam ListIdentityProvider
Listing all policies cam ListPolicies
ListPolicyVersions cam ListPolicyVersions
Getting message recipient list cam ListReceiver
Querying SAML identity provider list cam ListSAMLProviders
Getting user list cam ListSubAccounts
Pulling sub-user list cam ListUsers
Querying the list of users associated with user group cam ListUsersForGroup
Listing all users associated with policy (including those in associated user groups) cam ListUsersForPolicy
Logging out role cam LogoutRoleSessions
Pulling the last login information cam LookupRecentlyLogin
Passing role cam PassRole
Setting entity permission boundary cam PutEntitiesPermissionsBoundary
Setting role permission boundary cam PutRolePermissionsBoundary
Pulling API key list cam QueryApiKey
Querying sub-account key list cam QueryCollApiKey
Pulling project key list cam QueryProjectKeyList
Deleting user from user group cam RemoveUserFromGroup
Sending sub-account information cam SendSubAccountInfo
SetDefaultPolicyVersion cam SetDefaultPolicyVersion
Setting security protection cam SetSafeAuthFlag
Unbinding soft token cam UnbindStoken
Unbinding sub-user login method cam UnbindSubAccount
Updating access key cam UpdateAccessKey
Updating role trust policy cam UpdateAssumeRolePolicy
Updating policy cam UpdateCamStrategy
Updating user group cam UpdateGroup
Updating CAM password setting rule cam UpdatePasswordRules
Modifying policy cam UpdatePolicy
Modifying role login permission cam UpdateRoleConsoleLogin
Updating role remarks cam UpdateRoleDescription
Updating SAML identity provider information cam UpdateSAMLProvider
Updating user cam UpdateSubAccount
Updating sub-account attribute cam UpdateSubAccountAttr
Updating sub-user cam UpdateUser
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