Error Codes

Last updated: 2020-03-18 11:02:02


Client return code

Error Codes Reasons and solutions
0 Successful invocations
2 Parameter error, for example, alias of bound order character, or incorrect Token length of iOS, should be 64 characters
-1 SDK internal error, please save the log and contact TPNS engineer
-2 Timeout waiting for server to return packet
-3 Resources have been used by Terminate, need to re-purchase services, and need to upgrade the App version (that is, the App version number needs to be larger than the previous version number) before Resume
-4 If the connection exceeds the package limit, the connection will be rejected at random. You need to upgrade the service, Resume.
-5 Error getting Guid, please check the network, and whether the AccessId and AccessKey are correct, and whether the resources have been purchased
-7 There was an error sending the request packet, please check the network, or save the log to contact the TPNS engineer
-11 Failed to connect to the MQTT server, please check the network
-101 There are some JSON format errors in SDK. Please save the log and contact TPNS engineer.
-102 Cannot get Token, check network and App configuration
-701 A network exception occurred while sending the request packet
-702 Send request packet timed out
-1101 There is a network exception connecting to the MQTT server. Please check the network.
-1102 There is an error connecting to the MQTT server, please check the network or contact the TPNS engineer
-1103 The connection to the MQTT server timed out, please check the network
-10005 AIDL configuration error
20 Authentication error, Access ID or Access Key configuration error
10000 Start error
10001 Operation type error code, for example, this error will occur when the parameter is wrong
10002 When a registration operation is being performed and there is another registration operation, the error code is called back.
10003 Permission mismatched or lacked the required Permission.
10004 The so library is not imported correctly (Androidstudio can add a folder named jniLibs under the main file Directory, and add 7 so library folders under Other-Platform-SO in the SDK document to the Directory)
10005 The XGRemoteService node of the AndroidManifest file is not configured or the action package name of this node is mismatched
10008 The ContentProvider, is not configured correctly. Please check the AndroidManifest file.
10009 Jce JAR error or missing jce JAR (check whether the wup package has been compiled. If it occurs after obfuscation packaging, please check the obfuscation code)
10101 Failed to create Linkage (switch network and retry)
10102 During the request processing, Linkage was actively shut down (switch network and retry)
10103 During request processing, the server closes the link (switch network retry)
10104 During request processing, the client generates an exception (switch network retry)
10105 Timeout for sending or receiving messages during request processing (switch network retry)
10106 Timeout waiting for a request to be sent during request processing (switch network retry)
10107 Timeout waiting for receiving request during request processing (switch network retry)
10108 The server returned an exception message
10109 Unknown exception, switch network or restart Device
10110 Create Linkage's handler as null
Others If there are other unknown errors, please record the error log and contact us
10006 AccessKey or AccessID error
10007 Error initializing Tencent Mobile push Service
10008 AccessKey or AccessID error
10110 Verification process error
10115 Repeat registration within a short period of time
10300 Horse racing strategy related return code
10400 SDK parameter error
20002 There is no valid network connection. Please confirm whether the application is paid for.

Server return code

Error Codes Meaning
1010001 Resources are not deployed. Please confirm whether the application has purchased push resources.
1008001 Parameter parsing error
1008002 Required parameters are missing
1008003 Verification failed
1008004 Failed to invoke the service
1008006 Token is invalid. Please check whether Device Token is registered successfully.
1008007 Failed to verify
1008011 Failed to upload file
1008012 Upload file is empty
1008013 Certificate resolution failed
1008015 Push job ID does not exist
1008016 Date and time parameters are not in the correct format
1008019 Judged to be disharmonious by the content security service.
1008020 Certificate package name verification failed
10080021 P12 certificate format content verification failed
1008022 P12 certificate password is incorrect
1008025 Failed to create the application. The application of this platform already exists under the product.
10010005 Push destination does not exist
10030002 AccessID and AccessKey do not match