Error Code

Last updated: 2020-08-26 14:24:09

    Client Return Code

    Error Code Cause and Solution
    0 Call is successful
    2 Parameter error. For example, a single-character alias is bound, or the length of iOS token is incorrect, which should have 64 characters
    20 Authentication error. access id or access key is incorrectly configured
    10000 Start error
    10001 Operation type error code. For example, this error will occur if the parameter is incorrect
    10002 When a registration operation is being performed, if another registration operation comes in, this error code will be called back
    10003 Permission configuration error or missing required permissions
    10004 The .so files were not imported correctly (In Android Studio, you can add a folder named jniLibs in the main directory, and add the 7 .so file folders under Other-Platform-SO in SDK documentation to this directory)
    -10005 AIDL configuration error
    10006 Incorrect AccessKey or AccessID
    10007 TPNS Service initialization error
    10008 Incorrect AccessKey or AccessID
    10009 jce JAR error or missing jce JAR (check whether the wup package has been compiled into it; if this error occurs after obfuscated packaging, please check the obfuscated code)
    10101 Fail to create the linkage (switch to another network and retry)
    10102 The linkage is closed during request processing (switch to another network and retry)
    10103 The server has closed the linkage during request processing (switch to another network and retry)
    10104 An exception occurs during request processing (switch to another network and retry)
    10105 Message delivery or reception has timed out during request processing (switch to another network and retry)
    10106 The wait to send the request has timed out during request processing (switch to another network and retry)
    10107 The wait to receive the request has timed out during request processing (switch to another network and retry)
    10108 The server returns an exception message
    10109 Unknown exception (switch to another network or restart the device)
    10110 Verification processing error
    10115 Repeated registration in a short time
    10300 Marathon policy return code
    10400 SDK parameters error
    Other If other unknown errors occur, please keep the error log and contact us

    Server Return Code

    Error Code Description
    1010001 Resources not deployed, please confirm whether the application has purchased push resources
    1008001 Parameter parsing error
    1008002 Required parameter missing
    1008003 Verification failed
    1008004 Service call failed
    1008006 Invalid token
    1008007 Parameter verification failed
    1008011 File upload failed
    1008012 Uploaded file is empty
    1008013 Certificate parsing error
    1008015 Push job ID does not exist
    1008016 Incorrect date and time parameter format
    1008019 Fail to pass the content security review
    1008020 Certificate package name verification failed
    1008021 p12 certificate format verification failed
    1008022 Incorrect p12 certificate password
    1008025 Application creation failed. Application already exists under the product
    1008026 Batch operation partially failed
    1008027 Batch operation entirely failed
    1008028 Frequency limit exceeded
    1008029 Token verification invalid
    1008030 App unpaid
    1008031 App resources destroyed
    10110008 Account of the Token queried does not exist
    10010005 Push target does not exist
    10010018 Duplicate push
    10030002 AccessID and AccessKey do not match

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