Last updated: 2019-12-04 10:51:22


Tencent Push Notification Service (TPNS) is a professional mobile app push platform that can deliver tens of billions of notifications and messages within seconds. It supports both Android and iOS systems. Developers can embed SDK, API calls, or web-based visuals to send pushes to specific users, improving user activity and engagement. Real-time push effect data are also available.

Feature description

Android SDK provided by TPNS contains APIs for clients to implement message pushing. It carries out the following features:

  • Provides two types of push (notification and message) for easy use.
  • Binds accounts, tags, and devices, so developers can push messages to specific user groups and have more varied push methods.
  • Reports the number of clicks, i.e., how many times users click a message.
  • Provides multi-vendor channel integration for users to integrate push services from multiple vendors.