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Anti-DDoS Pro is a paid anti-DDoS service for businesses deployed on Tencent Cloud. It works directly on Tencent Cloud services and users don’t need to change their IPs. After purchasing, you only need to bind the IP addresses you wish to protect to start using the service. It is easy to use and require no additional changes on your end.
Anti-DDoS Pro provides two types of Anti-DDoS Pro instances, Single IP instance and the Multi-IP instance. You can choose either one as required:

  • Single IP instance: Provides the dedicated protection capability for one IP.
  • Multi-IP instance: Provides the shared protection capability for multiple IPs.

Key Features

Multidimensional Protection

Protection Types Description
Malformed Packet Filtering Filters out Frag Flood, Smurf, Stream Flood, and Land Flood attacks, as well as IP, TCP and UDP malformed packets
DDoS Protection at Network Layer Filters UDP Flood, SYN Flood, TCP Flood, ICMP Flood, ACK Flood, FIN Flood, RST Flood and DNS/NTP/SSDP reflection attacks and null sessions.
DDoS Protection at Application Layer Filters CC attacks and HTTP slow attacks, and supports HTTP custom filtering such as host filtering, user-agent filtering and referer filtering.

Switchable Protected Objects

Anti-DDoS Pro supports single IP and also supports multiple IPs to share the protection resources, catering for various scenarios. You can switch the protected objects according to business needs. The objects include CVM, CLB, WAF, and NAT Gateway.

Flexible Advanced Security Policies

By default, Anti-DDoS Pro provides basic security policies, which are based on IP portrait, behavioral analysis, AI-based identification, and other protection algorithms, to respond to common DDoS attacks effectively. Meanwhile, it provides Anti-DDoS Advanced Protection policies. You can flexibly tailor the policies to special business to deal with the ever-changing attack methods.

Protection Statistics and Analysis

Anti-DDoS Pro provides real-time detailed traffic reports and detailed information about attack defense to help you understand the protection effect of Anti-DDoS Pro timely and accurately. Meanwhile, it supports attack forensics, which executes capture download of the attack, making analysis of exceptional issues and tracing easy and fast.