Getting Started

Last updated: 2020-07-30 11:41:12

    Anti-DDoS Pro provides Tencent Cloud public IPs with higher anti-DDoS capability. It supports Tencent Cloud services such as CVM, CLB, NAT, and WAF and is easy to access with no IP changes required.
    Currently, Anti-DDoS Pro offers two types of instances, single IP instances and multi-IP instances.


    You need to purchase an Anti-DDoS Pro instance before you can bind it to the IP addresses you want to protect.


    1. Log in to the Anti-DDoS Console and go to Anti-DDoS Pro > Resource List.
      • For single IP instances, go to the Single IP Instance tab.
      • For multi-IP instances, go to the Multi-IP Instance tab.

    2. Select the region of the target Anti-DDoS Pro instance and click Bind Resource in the "Operation" column to the right of the instance.

    3. On the Bind Resource page, select Resource Type and Resources to Associate according to your needs.

      • A single IP instance can only be bound to one resource.
      • If your Anti-DDoS Pro instance is a multi-IP instance, you can select multiple options for Resource Type and Resources to Associate. The number of resources cannot exceed the number of IPs set when the instance is purchased.

      Anti-DDoS Pro supports hosted IPs. This feature is currently made available through an allowlist. If you are using an IP hosted by Tencent Cloud and want to connect it to Anti-DDoS Pro, please call 95716 ext. 1 (9:00 AM–6:00 PM on business day) for consultation or submit a ticket for application.

    4. Click OK.