Getting Started

Last updated: 2019-11-13 16:24:30


Anti-DDoS Pro provides Tencent Cloud public IP with higher anti-DDoS capability. It supports Tencent Cloud services like CVM, CLB, NAT, and WAF. Accessing Anti-DDoS Pro is convenient. It requires no change of business IP, and allows for fast protection configuration.
Currently, Anti-DDoS Pro provides two types of instances, Single IP instance and the Multi-IP instance.


Before you bind the protected IP, you need to successfully purchase an Anti-DDoS Pro instance.


  1. Log in to Anti-DDoS Console and go to Anti-DDoS Pro -> Resource List.
    • For Single IP instances, please select Single IP Instance tab.
    • For Multi-IP instance, please select Multi-IP Instance tab.

  2. Select the region of the target Anti-DDoS Pro instance and click Bind Resource in the line of the instance.

  3. On the Bind Resource page, select Associated Resource Type and Associated Resource according to the actual protection demand.

    • One Single IP instance can only be bound with one resource.
    • For Multi-IP instance, you can select multiple items in Associated Resource Type and Associated Resource. The number of Associated Resource cannot exceed the IP Number set when you purchase the Anti-DDoS Pro instance.

    Binding hosted IP with Anti-DDoS Pro instance is only available to whitelisted users now. If necessary, please contact us for consultation, or submit a ticket for application.

  4. Click OK.