New/Legacy Anti-DDoS Pro Version Differences

Last updated: 2020-07-07 15:56:24

    In order to provide you with better Anti-DDoS Pro security services, the Anti-DDoS service will simplify the subproduct sale process, optimize pricing and protection policy configuration, and launch Anti-DDoS Pro with new pricing and a new console. The main differences between new and legacy Anti-DDoS Pro are as follows:

    Policy Parameter New Anti-DDoS Pro Legacy Anti-DDoS Pro Adjustment Description
    Subproduct sale Anti-DDoS Pro instance single IP instance, multi-IP instance The subproduct sale process is simplified, so that no differentiation between single IP instance and multi-IP instance will be made
    Elastic protection Elastic protection is canceled Elastic protection is retained The protection capability is changed from "base protection + elastic protection" to max protection of no less than 30 Gbps
    Billing mode Number of protected IPs + protected times Base protection and elastic protection The basis of billing mode is changed from "base protection + elastic protection" to "number of protected IPs + protected times"
    Protection policy Independent configuration page Unified advanced protection policy configuration page The protection policy can be configured on an independent page

    New Anti-DDoS Pro

    Legacy Anti-DDoS Pro

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