Last updated: 2019-09-26 18:29:40


Anti-DDoS Pro is a paid service to improve the DDoS protection capability of cloud products such as CVM, CLB, and NAT gateway in Tencent Cloud. It has the following strengths:

One-Click Access

With the simple configuration feature, users do not need to change IP addresses. Once purchased, it takes only a few minutes to bind it to the cloud product’s IP address for protection.

Massive Protection Resources

Exclusive support of 30-line BGP access to the protection node and up to 300Gbps protection bandwidth helps easily defend against DDoS attacks, meeting the high security and stability demands of large-scale events such as major sales promotion and launch activities.

Leading Cleaning Capability

Utilizing Tencent Cloud's powerful proprietary protective clusters and with the aid of a smart AI engine, Anti-DDoS Advanced continuously optimizes multi-dimensional algorithms such as protection policies, IP profiling, behavior pattern analysis and cookie challenges to accurately clean attacking traffic and protect customer business in real time.

Fast Speed and Reliability

With a 30-line BGP network encompassing ISPs across Mainland China, Anti-DDoS Pro features an average protection delay of less than 30 ms.

Cost Optimization

Anti-DDoS Pro offers a “base protection + elastic protection” combo package. This package offers elastic protection only when needed and charges by the actual attacking traffic, helping reduce your daily protection costs.

Rich Attack Defense Report

The report provides accurate, detailed real-time statistics and automatic packet capturing that allows you to trace and analyze the attacks.