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    Anti-DDoS Pro is a paid service which can enhance DDoS protection capabilities of Tencent Cloud services such as CVM, CLB, and NAT gateway. It has the following strengths:

    One-Click Access

    Anti-DDoS Pro is easy to access and requires no business changes on your end. After you purchase an instance, it only takes you a couple of minutes to get started. You only need to bind it to the Tencent Cloud services you want to protect.

    Massive Protection Resources

    Utilizing BGP protection bandwidth, Anti-DDoS Pro can provide BGP protection capability of up to 300 Gbps, meeting the high requirements for security and stability of critical business such as promotion and launch events.

    Leading Cleansing Capability

    Leveraging the powerful protective clusters developed by Tencent and multi-dimensional algorithms, such as IP profiling, behavior pattern analysis, and cookie challenges, Anti-DDoS Pro can accurately and promptly detect attack traffic. With the aid of a smart AI engine that continuously optimizes the algorithms, Anti-DDoS Pro is also flexible in coping with attack tricks.

    Fast Speed and Reliability

    With a 30-line BGP network encompassing ISPs across Mainland China, Anti-DDoS Pro features an average protection delay of less than 30 ms.

    Dual-protocol Protection

    Anti-DDoS Pro now supports both IPv6 and IPv4 address. By simply binding the IPs of your cloud products with an Anti-DDoS Pro instance, you can obtain DDoS protection, with no need to purchase an extra Anti-DDoS Pro instance or upgrade it.

    Cost Optimization

    Anti-DDoS Pro offers a “base protection + elastic protection” combo package where you are only charged by the amount of actual attack traffic. When the attack traffic exceeds the basic protection bandwidth, it provides elastic protection to ensure the continuance of your business. Such seamless transition requires no additional devices and configuration on your side, reducing your daily protection costs.

    Detailed Defense Report

    Anti-DDoS Pro can generate accurate and detailed defense reports. It can also capture attack packets automatically for troubleshooting.

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