Data Processing And Security Agreement

Last updated: 2020-06-16 14:25:10

This Module applies if you use the Anti-DDoS Service (“Feature”). This Module is incorporated into the Data Processing and Security Agreement located at (“DPSA”). Terms used but not defined in this Module shall have the meaning given to them in the DPSA. In the event of any conflict between the DPSA and this Module, this Module shall apply to the extent of the inconsistency.

We will process the following data in connection with the feature:

Personal Information Use
Client Configuration Settings Client is able to configure the Feature and these settings are adjusted in accordance with the Client’s instructions.
Client Access Traffic We process this information in order to identify malicious traffic and filter it accordingly.

As specified in the DPSA.

As specified in the DPSA, as well as Tencent Cloud Computing (Beijing) Limited and Radware Limited.


As specified in the DPSA.

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