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    Anti-DDoS Pro Overview

    Anti-DDoS Pro is a paid product that enhances DDoS protection capabilities for businesses deployed in Tencent Cloud and upgrades smoothly on the basis of Anti-DDoS Basic. It takes effect directly on the IPs in Tencent Cloud with no need to change the IP addresses. After purchasing, you only need to bind the IP to be protected for use. Compared with Anti-DDoS Advanced, it features easier connection and requires no changes to businesses.


    Multi-Dimensional protection

    Protection Type Description
    Malformed packet filtering Filters out frag flood, smurf, stream flood, and land flood attacks as well as malformed IP, TCP, and UDP packets
    DDoS protection at the network layer Filters out UDP flood, SYN flood, TCP flood, ICMP flood, ACK flood, FIN flood, RST flood, and DNS/NTP/SSDP reflection attacks and null sessions.
    DDoS protection at the application layer Filters out CC attacks and slow HTTP attacks and supports HTTP custom filtering such as host filtering, user-agent filtering, and referer filtering.

    Flexible defense options

    Anti-DDoS Pro supports switching IPs of the protected object to meet your different protection needs for public IPs of Tencent Cloud resources. The objects that support switching include CVM, CLB, WAF, NAT Gateway, etc.

    Security protection policy

    Anti-DDoS Pro provides basic security policies by default on the basis of protection algorithms such as IP profiling, behavior pattern analysis, and AI-based smart recognition, effectively coping with common DDoS attacks. It also offers diverse and flexible protection policies, which can be tailored to your special needs to deal with ever-changing attack tricks.

    Self-Service IP unblocking

    If a protected business IP is blocked when the attack traffic bursts or the protection bandwidth of your Anti-DDoS Pro instance is too low, you can unblock the IP in a self-service manner in the console.

    Protection statistical reports

    Anti-DDoS Pro provides multi-dimensional traffic reports and attack protection details to help you stay on top of the protection effects of Anti-DDoS Pro instances in a timely and accurate manner.

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