Configuring Security Event Notification

Last updated: 2020-07-07 16:04:13

    Use Cases

    Alarm messages for Anti-DDoS Pro will be sent to you through Message Center, SMS, or email in the following conditions (the receipt methods configured on the Message Center Subscription page shall prevail):

    • An attack starts.
    • An attack ended 15 minutes ago.
    • An IP is blocked.
    • An IP is unblocked.

    You can modify the recipients and how they receive the alarm messages as needed.

    Setting Alarm Threshold

    1. Log in to the new Anti-DDoS Pro Console and click Alarm Notification on the left sidebar.
    2. You can set the "inbound traffic alarm threshold for single IP" and "DDoS cleansing threshold" in the feature blocks on the right.
    3. Click Advanced Settings in a feature block to enter the alarm configuration list, where you can set different alarm thresholds for different Anti-DDoS Pro resources.
      • Configure the inbound traffic alarm for single IP
      • Set the DDoS cleansing threshold

    Setting Notification Method

    1. Log in to your Tencent Cloud account and go to the Message Center.

      Alternatively, you can log in to the console, click in the top-right corner, and then click View More in the pop-up window to enter the Message Center.

    2. Click Message Subscription on the left sidebar to enter the message list.
    3. In the message list, select the receipt methods on the row of Security Event Notification and click Modify Message Recipient to enter the message recipient modifying page.
    4. On the message recipient modifying page, set the message recipients. After completing the settings, click OK.

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