About Overdue Payment

Last updated: 2019-09-26 18:30:24


Expiration Reminder

The system will the send an expiry notification to the Tencent Cloud account creator and all collaborators 7 days before the expiry of Anti-DDoS Pro instance via internal messages, SMSs and emails.


  • The system starts to send expiration notifications to users 7 days before the Anti-DDoS Pro resource expires.
  • Resources of the expired Anti-DDoS Pro instance will be released from 0:00 of the first day after expiration. The configuration data will be cleared and cannot be restored. The protection capability of the Anti-DDoS instance will return to the 2 Gbps (free) or 10 Gbps (VIP users).

Arrears Reminder

  • Fees of pay-as-you-go resources are deducted on a daily basis. When your account balance is a negative value, we will notify Tencent Cloud account creator and all the collaborators using emails and SMSs.
  • When you receive the arrears notification, please go to Top-up Center and top up your account in time to prevent your business from being affected.