Product Strengths

Last updated: 2019-05-07 10:21:05


Anti-DDoS Advanced is a paid product to help business from being affected by high-volume Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Anti-DDoS Advanced has the following advantages.

Powerful Attack Defense Network

Connected with 30 ISPs across China and deployed over dozens of protection nodes overseas, Tencent Cloud's BGP linkage can provide protection bandwidth up to 900 Gbps for a single customer (point) in China, and up to 400Gbps outside of China, handling all types of DDoS attacks with ease.

Industry-leading Traffic Cleansing Capability

Based on Tencent's self-developed protection cluster, Anti-DDoS Advance adopts multi-dimensional algorithms such as IP profiling, behavior analysis, Cookie challenge, and also continuously updates protection algorithms via AI intelligent engine. It can accurately and quickly separate malicious network traffic from normal traffic, defending your business against various layers of DDoS attacks.

Fast Access

Tencent Cloud's BGP links 30 ISPs in China, this expansive coverage allows users to quickly access the network with low latency.

Hiding Customer's Real Server

Anti-DDoS Advanced can hide the IP of the real server. It uses an alternative IP with high defense ability to which attack traffic will be directed. This protects the real server from malicious traffic, thus mitigating the attacks.

Wide Applicability

Anti-DDoS Advanced supports website and non-website operations for sectors such as finance, e-commerce, games, and government, meeting security demands for different operations.

Flexible Billing and Optimized Cost

Anti-DDoS Advanced bills your account for “Base Protection + Elastic Protection”- you can adjust elastic protection bandwidth as needed without adding devices or changing configurations when the attack traffic volume exceeds the base protection bandwidth so as to avoid service interruption. This flexible billing method reduces your cost and ensures you only pay for what you use.

Granular Attack Defense Report

The report provides accurate, detailed real-time statistics that allows you to trace and analyze the attacks.