Purchase Guide

Last updated: 2019-09-03 14:55:28



Before purchasing an Anti-DDoS Advanced instance, you need to register a Tencent cloud account and complete identity verification.


  1. Log in to the Anti-DDoS Advanced console, and click Create.

  2. Select the protection configuration according to your business needs.

    • Region: Anti-DDoS Advanced uses the forwarding proxy method. Please choose a location near the real server to reduce connection latency.
    • Base protection bandwidth: Base protection capability for the instance. We recommend selecting a base protection bandwidth slightly higher than the average value of the historical attack traffic, which will allow you to handle normal attacks.
    • Elastic protection bandwidth: Elastic protection capability for the instance. We recommend selecting an elastic protection bandwidth slightly higher than the historical largest attack traffic to defend against sudden increases in attack traffic, and avoid IP block caused by traffic exceeding the protection bandwidth limit. Elastic protection bandwidth is billed daily based on actual usage.
    • Forwarding traffic: The normal traffic forwarded to the real server. We recommended selecting a bandwidth according to your normal traffic.
    • Quantity: Select the number of instances you want to purchase.
    • Contract duration: Select the length of the service plan you want to purchase. The fees are calculated based on the number of instances, the base protection bandwidth and the purchased usage period. Fees for the first month will be frozen in your account upon purchase.
    • Auto renewal: Optional. When auto-renewal is activated, your subscription will be automatically renewed monthly on the expiration date given that your Tencent Cloud account has sufficient credits. This ensures consistent protection for your business.
  3. Click Subscribe Now and complete the payment.

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