Unblocking Blocked IP

Last updated: 2021-07-19 20:53:33

Anti-DDoS Pro allows you to unblock blocked IPs in a self-service manner in the Anti-DDoS Console.

Chances for Self-Service Unblocking

Only three chances of self-service unblocking are provided for Anti-DDoS Pro every day. The system resets the chance counter daily at midnight. Unused chances cannot be accumulated for the next day.


  • Before unblocking the IP, please check the predicted unblocking time which may be affected by some factors and will be postponed. If you accept the predicted time, you do not need to operate manually.
  • If the chances are used up for the day, you can increase the protection IPs or the protection chances to defend against high-traffic attack and avoid continuous blocking.

Directions of Self-Service Unblocking

  1. Log in to the Anti-DDoS Console, select Self-Service Unblocking > Unblock Blocked IP on the left sidebar to get to unblocking operation.
  2. Find the protected IP in Pending Auto Unblocking and click Unblock in the Operation column on the right.
  3. Click OK in the Unblock Blocked IP dialog box. If you receive a notification indicating successful unblocking, the IP has been successfully unblocked. You can refresh the page to check whether the protected IP is in running status.
  4. In the unblocking dialog box, click OK.

Unblocking Operation Record

Log in to the Anti-DDoS Console, select Self-Service Unblocking > Unblocking History on the left sidebar. You can check all unblocking records in the specified period, including records of automatic unblocking and manual self-service unblocking.