Last updated: 2021-09-28 15:53:26

    Wide Applicability

    DDoS Edge Defender supports protecting website and non-website business and Tencent Cloud and non-Tencent Cloud business covering finance, ecommerce and gaming, satisfying your security needs for business.

    Massive Protection Resources

    DDoS Edge Defender, combined with multiple cleansing nodes outside the Chinese mainland, supports TB-level protection capability globally that provides security and stability for essential businesses such as promotional campaigns and launch events.

    Leading Cleansing Capability

    Leveraging the powerful protective clusters developed by Tencent and multi-dimensional algorithms, such as IP profiling, behavior pattern analysis, and cookie challenges, DDoS Edge Defender can accurately and promptly detect attack traffic. With the aid of a smart AI engine that continuously optimizes the algorithms, it is also flexible in coping with attack tricks.

    Stable Access Experience

    Tencent Cloud supports forwarding traffic to the real server with the BGP proxy, GRE tunnel, Direct Connect tunnel and internet tunnel, which can easily address access latency and ensure network quality. It also supports smart routing and automatic network scheduling, delivering a stable and smooth access experience for various user groups.

    Detailed Protection Reports

    DDoS Edge Defender provides multi-dimensional statistical reports to display clear and accurate protection traffic and attack details, helping you stay on top of attacks in real time.

    Lower Security Protection Costs

    DDoS Edge Defender charges you for the basic protection plan and the traffic you used, which helps reduce your security cost.