Last updated: 2021-09-28 15:53:26

    DDoS Edge Defender protects your business outside the Chinese mainland from different types of DDoS attacks with volumes of attack traffic. Combined with DDoS, CC and basic application layer protection capabilities, it helps keep the network layer, transport layer (L3 and L4) and application layer (L7) safe. By L4 ports or L7 domain names to access to edge protection and configure forwarding rules, attack traffic can be routed to Tencent Cloud cleansing centers for cleansing, enuring your business stable and available.

    DDoS Edge Defender owns multiple Tencent Cloud entries around the world for handling bandwidth needs with all-out protection, making access to each node as smooth as possible. It provides near-source cleansing and near-source reinjection, with up to TB-level protection capability, and ensures smooth traffic and low latency by cleansing attack traffic and then forwarding normal traffic back to the real server close to the region of your instance deployed.

    Key Features

    Multi-dimensional protection

    Protection Types Description
    Malformed packet filtering Filters out frag flood, smurf, stream flood, and land flood attacks as well as malformed IP, TCP, and UDP packets.
    DDoS protection at the network layer Filters out UDP Flood, SYN Flood, TCP Flood, ICMP Flood, ACK Flood, FIN Flood, RST Flood and DNS/NTP/SSDP reflection attacks and null sessions.
    DDoS protection at the application layer Filters out CC attacks and slow HTTP attacks and supports HTTP custom filtering such as host filtering, user-agent filtering, and referer filtering.

    Security protection policy

    DDoS Edge Defender provides basic security policies by default on the basis of protection algorithms such as IP profiling, behavior pattern analysis, and AI-based smart recognition, effectively coping with common DDoS attacks. It also offers diverse and flexible protection policies, which can be tailored to your special needs to deal with ever-changing attack tricks.

    Protection statistical reports

    DDoS Edge Defender provides multi-dimensional traffic reports and attack protection details to help you stay on top of the protection effects of the instances in a timely and precise manner.


    Only DDoS, CC and basic application layer attacks can be defended against, and related reports are supported.