Adding User Tags

Last updated: 2021-09-28 19:41:48

    Feature Description

    This API is used by the admin to add tags for users.


    • Each request can add tags for a maximum of 100 users. In the request body, a maximum of 10 tags can be added for each user.
    • A maximum of 100 tags can be set for each user. If a user has more than 100 tags, you need to delete old tags before adding new ones for the user.
    • The maximum length of a single tag is 50 bytes.

    API Call Description

    This feature can only be applied for by Ultimate Edition users (but not by Pro Edition users). You can apply for this feature by submitting a ticket, and we will evaluate your needs for approval. If we determine that this feature suits your needs, we will approve your application so that you can use the feature.

    Sample request URL


    Request parameters

    Parameter Description
    https The request protocol is HTTPS, and the request method is POST.
    xxxxxx The country/region where your SDKAppID is located.
  • China:
  • Singapore:
  • Seoul:
  • Frankfurt:
  • v4/all_member_push/im_add_tag Request API
    usersig The signature generated by the app admin account. For more information, see UserSig backend API.
    identifier It must be the app admin account.
    sdkappid The SDKAppID assigned by the IM console when the app is created.
    random A random 32-bit unsigned integer.
    contenttype Fixed value: JSON

    Maximum call frequency

    100 times/second

    Sample request packet

    "UserTags": [
        "To_Account": "xiaojun012",
        "Tags": ["a", "b"]
        "To_Account": "xiaojun013",
        "Tags": ["a", "b"]

    Request packet fields

    Field Type Required Description
    To_Account String Required Target user account
    Tags Object Required Tag set

    Sample response packet

      "ActionStatus": "OK",
      "ErrorInfo": "",
      "ErrorCode": 0

    Response packet fields

    Field Type Description
    ActionStatus String The processing result of the request. OK: succeeded. FAIL: failed.
    ErrorCode Integer Error code
    ErrorInfo String Error information

    Error Codes

    The HTTP return code for this API is 200 unless a network error such as error 502 occurs. The actual error code and error information are indicated by ErrorCode and ErrorInfo in the response packet. For public error codes 60000 to 79999, see Error Codes.
    The list below contains only error codes specific to this API:

    Error Code Description
    90001 Failed to parse the JSON format. Check whether the JSON request packet meets JSON specifications.
    90009 The request requires the app admin’s permissions.
    90018 The number of accounts requested exceeds the limit.
    91000 An internal service error occurs. Please try again.

    API Debugging Tool

    To debug this API, you can use the Online RESTful API Debugging Tool.