Last updated: 2019-12-03 15:19:24


Tencent Cloud Game Multimedia Engine (GME) is a one-stop voice solution featuring high quality and cost effectiveness, which covers a wide range of internet-based application scenarios, such as gaming, social networking, entertainment, live broadcasting, and ecommerce. It supports group voice chat, 3D location voice, voice messaging and speech-to-text, and voice analysis.

Voice Chat Service

3D sound effects

Leveraging HRTF, 3D spatial processing, and distance-based EQ compensation technologies, GME can create a voice model based on human perception to process and convert non-directional sound into 3D immersive sound, thereby generating the sound sensation to human ears as if from a sound source at any spatial position.

Public messaging

Public voice within a certain range with 3D sound effects in 6 directions is supported.

Mic sequence mode

Users take turns to speak with mic on. This mode allows a high sound quality and fluency and is suitable for such scenarios as Werewolf.

Free audio call

This mode allows multiple players to speak at the same time with ultra low latency, which is suitable for competitive gaming scenarios such as multi-player team chat.

Command mode

This mode is suitable for one-to-many commanding, audio interaction with host and other scenarios in large-scale commander games.

Voice Message and Speech-to-text Service

GME supports sending recorded voice messages to game channels and converting them into text messages in real time, with clear sound quality and high accuracy of voice recognition.