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Last updated: 2022-07-07 11:52:26

    What features does GME have?

    GME supports voice chat, voice message, speech-to-text.

    What are the gaming application scenarios of GME?

    E-sports, commander games, casual games, and Werewolf, etc.

    Does GME support countries and regions outside the Chinese mainland?

    Yes. Backed by Tencent's 10-Gigabit cloud-based data centers and 20 BGP lines, GME provides domain name acceleration and delivers a stable and ultra-smooth gaming experience. In addition, it supports deployment in third-party data centers and covers regions hard to be reached by traditional cloud vendors such as the Middle East, South America, and Australia to make its services available globally.

    Which game engines and platforms are supported by GME?

    GME supports Unity, Unreal, and Cocos2d engines, and Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and HTML5 platforms.

    Can GME on Android and GME on iOS communicate with each other?

    Yes, they can be interconnected by entering the same room using the same SDK AppID.

    Does GME support Bluetooth switching on mobile phones?

    No. The switching of sound playback depends on the device OS. GME supports playback by Bluetooth devices.

    Does a GME room support mic sequence-based karaoke?

    GME's HD sound quality can meet the needs of karaoke, however, mic sequence is something that should be implemented in your own product's application layer through a delivery protocol, for example.

    What should I do if another player (such as QQ Player) is required to play back the accompaniment on the Windows client?

    For more information, please see the API user guide in Accompaniment with Windows. As the accompaniment with a third-party player feature uses an advanced API, you need to submit a ticket for assistance and provide the tmg_adv_win.h header file.

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