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Update Log (Unity)

Last updated: 2022-05-18 10:50:23

    1.6.4 @2022.01.13

    • Added SDK support for package manager import.
    • Added the feature of adding dependencies after iOS compilation.

    1.6.0 @2021.12.21

    • Switched the underlying cross-platform C APIs.
    • Added support for the Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS platforms with unified APIs.
    • Note that v1.6.0 is incompatible with earlier versions.

    1.5.1 @2021.11.24

    • Fixed the issue where -1 is returned for sequenceid unexpectedly.
    • Added support for macOS.
    • Removed the simple message module and enabled the advanced message module for both message receiving and sending.

    1.5.0 @2021.11.16

    • Added support for Windows.

    1.4.0 @2021.08.03

    • Simplified the configuration process on iOS.
    • Fixed the IL2CPP packaging error on Android.

    1.3.1 @2021.05.21

    • Fixed known issues.

    1.3.0 @2021.05.10

    • Added the C# model to instantiate data returned by APIs.
    • Added the usage of the C# model to ExampleEntry.cs.

    1.2.0 @2021.04.28

    • Added sequenceID to some message sending APIs to associate message requests and responses.

    1.1.1 @2021.04.25

    • Separated the method of dynamically fetching userSig.

    1.1.0 @2021.04.15

    • Added advanced message APIs.
    • Added signaling message APIs.

    1.0.1 @2021.04.01

    • Initialized the project and implemented most APIs.
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