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SDK Integration (Flutter)

Last updated: 2022-04-01 17:03:06

    This document describes how to quickly integrate the Tencent Cloud IM SDK (Flutter) to your projects.

    Environment Requirements

    Platform Version
    Flutter 2.2.0 or later
    Android Android Studio 3.5 or later; devices with Android 4.1 or later for apps
    iOS Xcode 11.0 or later. For testing with a real device, ensure that your project has a valid developer signature.

    Integrating the IM SDK

    You can directly integrate the IM SDK for Flutter through pub add, or write the IM SDK into pubspec.yaml.

    Installing the IM SDK via flutter pub add

    Enter the following command in the terminal window (the Flutter environment is ready):

    flutter pub add tencent_im_sdk_plugin

    Writing the IM SDK into pubspec.yaml

     tencent_im_sdk_plugin: ^3.8.2

    Here, your editor may automatically run flutter pub get. If not, enter the command flutter pub get.

    Importing and initializing the SDK

    import 'package:tencent_im_sdk_plugin/tencent_im_sdk_plugin.dart';


    What should I do if flutter pub get/add fails?

    Configure Flutter to use a mirror site as instructed in Flutter.

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