Last updated: 2020-02-25 18:39:41


What is the latest version of MongoDB?

TencentDB for MongoDB 3.2.10 and 3.6.3 are available.

How do I delete a MongoDB database? Will it be deleted automatically if I do not review it after it expires?

A TencentDB for MongoDB instance is automatically terminated if it is not renewed upon expiration. So please confirm and back up your data. You can go to Operation -> More -> Return and Refund In the instance list on the console to terminate the instance manually.

How do I apply for security credentials for MongoDB?

Before calling a Cloud API for the first time, you need to apply for security credentials on the Tencent Cloud CVM Console.
Security credentials comprise a SecretId and a SecretKey:

  • SecretId is used to identify the API caller.
  • SecretKey is a key used for signature string encryption, and signature string verification by the server.

API key is an important certificate to request for creating Tencent Cloud API. With the API, you can operate all your Tencent cloud resources. For your property and service security, please manage the key safely and change it regularly. After you've changed to a new key, please delete the old one timely.

What are the restrictions when using the MongoDB user name?

Tencent Cloud comes with two default users: rwuser and mongouser. The role for the built-in users is ReadWriteAnyDatabase+dbAdmin , that is, you can read and write any database, but are not permitted to perform critical operations.
Depending on the version of MongoDB, some instances only have rwuser (Tencent Cloud will upgrade such instances and we will contact you before doing so).
You can manage your accounts and permissions on the Console of TencentDB for MongoDB to meet your business needs. For more information, see Use Limits .