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    TencentDB for MongoDB is a high-performance distributed data storage service created by Tencent Cloud based on MongoDB, an open-source non-relational database. It is fully compatible with the MongoDB protocol and applicable to various non-relational database-oriented scenarios.

    MongoDB® is a registered trademark of MongoDB, Inc. TencentDB for MongoDB is not authorized by or affiliated with MongoDB, Inc. Tencent's use of MongoDB software is based on open-source licenses.


    • TencentDB for MongoDB offers cloud storage services, which are the data storage services provided for internet applications by Tencent Cloud.
    • It is fully compatible with the MongoDB protocol and suitable for scenarios with traditional table structure, cache, non-relational data, as well as parallel large-scale data set computation using MapReduce.
    • It provides high-performance, reliable, easy-to-use, and convenient MongoDB cluster services. Each instance is a replica set with at least one master and one slave or a sharded cluster that contains multiple replica sets.
    • It offers backup, capacity expansion, and other features to ensure data security and dynamic scalability as much as possible.

    Product Architecture

    The system architecture of TencentDB for MongoDB replica set is as follows:

    Replica set v4.0 is different from other versions in architecture. It has no proxy set component, so you can directly access each node:

    A sharded cluster consists of components such as shards, proxy sets, and config servers. Each shard contains a subset of sharded data. Each shard in TencentDB for MongoDB is deployed as a replica set:

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