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Setting Bucket Tags

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    A bucket tag is a key-value pair (key = value), where the tag key and tag value are connected by an equal sign (=), for example, group = IT. It can be used to manage buckets in groups. You can set, query, and delete the tags for a specified bucket via the console.


    • Each bucket can have up to 50 different bucket tags.
    • qcs: and project are reserved fields. Therefore, do not use them in tag keys or tag values. For more limits, see Bucket Tag Overview.

    Adding a Tag When Creating a Bucket

    You can add a bucket tag when creating a bucket, as shown in the following figure:

    Adding a Tag to an Existing Bucket

    If you didn’t add a tag when creating a bucket, you can perform the following steps to add a tag for your bucket:

    1. On the Bucket List page, click the name of the desired bucket to enter the bucket configuration page.
    2. Click Basic Configurations > Tagging. Then, click Add Tags.
    3. Enter the tag key and tag value. Then, click Save.
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