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    CDN offers a tool for querying IP ownership. This tool can be used to verify whether a specified IP is of a CDN global cache node, and check the IP’s acceleration service region, district, and ISP.

    Applicable Scenarios

    This tool can be used for troubleshooting. When there is access exception, you can query the IP accessed in the following ways:

    • If the IP is not of a CDN node, domain name resolution may be exceptional. Please go to your DNS service provider and check whether the CNAME configuration is correct;
    • If the IP is of a CDN node, you can check the node service status to see whether node activation/deactivation operations have led to request interruptions.

    Operation Guide

    Query Method

    Log in to the CDN Console and select Inspect Tool > Verify Tencent IP Tool on the left sidebar.

    Usage Constraints

    • Enter the IP addresses to be verified in the text box (one address per line).
    • Up to 20 IP addresses can be verified at a time.
    • Verification of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses is supported.
    • Verification is supported for global cache nodes. For nodes in Mainland China, data of the ISP in the corresponding district will be returned; for nodes outside Mainland China, data of the corresponding country/region will be returned.
    • You can view the node service status for the past 3 hours. If there were online/offline status changes, the corresponding operation time will be displayed.

    Use Cases

    Nodes in Mainland China

    Nodes Outside Mainland China

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