Policy creation

Last updated: 2020-03-19 17:57:05


To facilitate users to query and manage Permission with a more fine-grained configuration domain name, the CDN Permission strategy has been fully upgraded. Users can implement Permission and Assign at the domain name level through custom policy statements.

  1. Login Access Management console Click the "Policy" menu to enter the policy management page, and click "Create Custom Policy":
  2. Select [create by Policy Builder]:
  3. Select "content Distribution Network" in the product check box, and select the set of features that need to be authorized. If Permission is authorized to read and write all of them, check "All" to select all services. The mapping relationship between features and console can be viewed. Action mapping table .
  4. Fill in the domain name that needs to be authorized at the resource. * On behalf of all domain names, click add statement and click next to create a policy that can be authorized by Associate's existing users / user groups.