HTTP Header Cache Configuration

Last updated: 2020-05-22 10:59:27

    Configuration Scenario

    Besides resources, Tencent Cloud CDN will also cache the following headers from the origin server and return them to users by default:

    • Access-Control-Allow-Origin
    • Timing-Allow-Origin
    • Content-Disposition
    • Accept-Ranges

    If your origin server has special headers that need to be cached in and returned to users by CDN, you can enable header cache.

    Configuration Guide

    Viewing configuration

    Log in to the CDN Console, select Domain Management on the left sidebar, and click Manage on the right of the domain name to enter its configuration page. Under the Cache Configuration tab, find the HTTP header cache configuration, which is disabled by default.

    Modifying configuration

    You can directly switch to enable/disable HTTP header cache, and the configuration will take effect across the entire network in about 5 minutes:

    • If your acceleration domain name is configured for global acceleration, the header cache configuration will take effect globally. This configuration does not distinguish between requests from and outside of Mainland China.
    • The header cache configuration is being upgraded across the entire network. If an error message is displayed when you disable it, it may be caused by the upgrade. Please contact us to disable it on the backend.

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