FAQs about Billing

Last updated: 2019-08-26 10:51:34


1. How is CDN billed?

CDN offers two billing methods: Bill-by-Bandwidth and Bill-by-Traffic. Both methods are postpaid on a daily basis. The charge for total consumption generated during 00:00:00 - 23:59:59 on the current date is billed on the next day. For more information on how to choose an appropriate billing method, see Billing.

2. Can I try out CDN for free?

CDN provides a 10 GB traffic package for all customers every month. You can choose the Bill-by-Traffic method and use this pack to try out CDN for free.

3. When is the fee of CDN deducted?

CDN is billed on a postpaid basis. The charge for total consumption generated on the current date is billed and deducted on the next day:

  • when users switch from Bill-by-Bandwidth to Bill-by-Traffic on the day itself, if consumption has yet to occur, they will be charged with Bill-by-Traffic on the following day unless they switch the billing method again;
  • if consumption has already occurred that day, users will still be charged with Bill-by-Bandwidth the following day. Bill-by-Traffic will apply from the second day on, postpaid on the third day going forward, unless they switch the billing method again.

If you want to change your billing method, please contact your sales rep or submit a ticket.

4. What is the Monthly 95th Percentile Billing?

Bill-by-Bandwidth is a billing method based on peak bandwidth use.
Monthly 95th Percentile: There are 288 CDN bandwidth statistical points per day. Starting from the 1st day of the current month, all statistical points of valid days (when bandwidth is actually consumed) are sorted in order. The top 5% points are removed, and the remaining highest value is the billable bandwidth. The fee is then calculated based on the listing price and settlement method.

Billing Sample:
Suppose a customer's billing officially started on February 1, 2018, and the monthly bill-by-bandwidth unit price is P USD/Mbps/month.
Assuming there are 14 days in February with over 1 Kbps bandwidth, the billable bandwidth for all 14 days has 14 * 288 statistical points, and the highest 5% points are removed, the highest remaining point is the Max95, which is the billable bandwidth. So the February fee is: Max95 * P * 14/28 (P is subject to the actual tier, billable bandwidth in different tiers are billed according to the corresponding unit price).

5. How can I query my CDN bills?

You can query your bills in Tencent Cloud Billing Center. For more information, see Query Bills.

6. Can I return a purchased traffic package?

No. The CDN traffic package is immediately sent to your account upon purchase. It cannot be returned.

7. Can CDN be billed by number of requests?

Not yet.

8. What happens if I fail to pay CDN on time?

See Arrears.

9. If the origin server uses COS, will there be charges for traffic generated by origin-pull from CDN to COS?

The traffic generated by origin-pull from CDN to COS is billed by COS instead of CDN. For more information, see the Billing Description.

10. When CDN is disabled (or deactivated), will it generate traffic and incur fees?

When CDN is disabled, if the domain is still configured as CNAME, a 404 error is returned when the request is resolved to the node, which may generate slight traffic. We recommend changing the resolution origin-pull before suspending the service.