HTTP2.0 configuration

Last updated: 2020-03-19 17:57:04


Configure the scene

If you have configured a certificate to enable HTTPS acceleration of the domain name, you can enable HTTP2.0 Protocol support by yourself.

Currently, only HTTP2.0 Access is supported, but HTTP2.0 Protocol and Origin-pull are not supported for the time being.

Configuration Guid

View Settings

Login CDN console Select Domain name Management in the menu bar, and click manage on the right side of the domain name to enter Advanced configuration in the last column of the domain name configuration page. You can see HTTP2.0 configuration, which is enabled by default.

Change Settings

You can turn the HTTP2.0 configuration on or off by clicking the switch. After the certificate configuration is deleted, the HTTP2.0 configuration will fail synchronously.

If the service region of the domain name is global, the configured HTTP2.0 will take effect globally, and domestic and overseas configurations are not supported.