Origin-pull timeout configuration

Last updated: 2020-03-19 17:57:03


Configure the scene

When Tencent Cloud CDN returns user real server, by default, the TCP connection timeout is 5 seconds, and the Origin-pull load data timeout is 10 seconds. If Origin-pull exceeds the above time setting, Origin-pull will often fail.

You can adjust Origin-pull 's TCP connection timeout and Origin-pull 's loading data timeout according to real server's data processing and network conditions to ensure normal Origin-pull.

Configuration Guid

View Settings

Login CDN console Select "Domain name Management" in the menu bar, and click "manage" on the right side of the domain name to enter the domain name configuration page. Origin-pull timeout configuration can be seen in "Origin-pull configuration". By default:

  • The TCP connection timeout is 5 seconds.
  • The loading timeout of Origin-pull is 10 seconds.

Change Settings

You can modify the corresponding timeout as needed by clicking "Edit" on the right:

  • The TCP connection timeout can be set to 5-60 seconds.
  • Origin-pull load timeout can be set to 5-60 seconds.

If your accelerated domain name service region is global acceleration, the Origin-pull timeout set takes effect globally, and domestic and overseas differentiated configurations are not supported.