Configuration Overview

Last updated: 2019-12-13 17:12:36


CDN supports various custom configurations, you can optimize your CDN acceleration based on your business needs.

Basic Configuration

Configuration Name Feature Description
Basic Information Modifies the domain’s project and service type
Origin Server Configuration Configures hot backup origin server and modifies the origin server to ensure the success of origin-pull
Host Header Configuration Specifies the domain name accessed by CDN during origin-pull

Access Control

Configuration Name Feature Description
Ignore Query String Configuration Specifies whether a node will ignore the parameters after "?" in a user request URL
Hotlink Protection Configuration Configures HTTP referer blacklist/whitelist
IP Blacklist/Whitelist Configuration Configures IP blacklist/whitelist for access control
IP Access Limit Configuration Configures access limit of an IP to a single node
Video Dragging Configuration Enables video dragging configuration

Cache Expiration Configuration

Configuration Name Feature Description
Cache Expiration Configuration Configures cache expiration rules for the specified resources
Status Code Cache Configuration Configures 404 status code cache period
HTTP Header Cache Configuration Configures the header cache policy

Origin Configuration

Configuration Name Feature Description
Intermediate Node Configuration Specifies whether to use intermediate nodes
Range GETs Configuration Enables/disables range GETs
Follow 302 Configuration Configures whether requests should be redirected when the origin server returns the 302 status code

Security Configuration

Configuration Name Feature Description
Authentication Configuration Configures URL authentication

Advanced Configuration

Configuration Name Feature Description
Bandwidth Cap Configuration Configures bandwidth cap for domain names. When the cap is reached, the CDN service will be disabled and the access request will be forwarded to the origin server
HTTPS Configuration Configures HTTPS to implement secure acceleration where forced HTTPS redirection is supported
SEO Optimization Configuration Enables SEO optimization configuration to ensure stability of the search engine weights
HTTP Header Configuration Adds an HTTP header configuration

Cross-border Direct Connect Configuration

Configuration Name Feature Description
Cross-border Direct Connect Configuration (in beta) Enables/disables cross-border direct connect lines during global CDN acceleration to ensure origin-pull quality