Configuration Overview

Last updated: 2019-08-08 10:42:24


CDN supports various custom configurations which allow you to optimize your CDN acceleration according to your business needs.

Basic Configuration

Configuration Description
Basic Info Change the project to which a domain belongs, domain's content type
Origin server info Configure hot slave origin and modify origin server to ensure the success of back-to-origin requests
Hosting Source Specify the site domain accessed by the CDN node at the origin server

Access Control

Configuration Description
Filter Parameter Configuration Specify whether a node will ignore the parameters following the "?" in user request URLs
Hotlink Protection Configuration Configure HTTP referer blacklist & whitelist
IP Blacklist & Whitelist Configure IP blacklist & whitelist for access control
IP Access Frequency Limit Configure access frequency limit of an IP to a single node
Video Drag Configurations Support to open video drag configuration

Cache Configuration

Configuration Description
Cache Validity Period Configuration Configure cache expiration rules for specified resource contents

Origin Configuration

Configuration Description
Intermediate Node Configuration Specify whether to use an intermediate node
Range GETs Configuration Enable/disable Range back-to-origin transmission in slices
Follow 302 Configuration Configure whether a request should be redirected when the origin server returns the status code 302

Advanced Configuration

Configuration Description
HTTPS Configuration Configure HTTPS to achieve a secure acceleration. HTTPS forced redirection is supported
SEO Optimization Enable SEO optimization configuration to ensure a consistent domain authority on search engines
HTTP Header Add HTTP header configurations
Capped Bandwidth Configuration Configure bandwidth cap for domains. When the cap is reached, the CDN service will be disabled and the access request is forwarded to the origin server

Oversea CDN Configuration

Configuration Description
International Private Line (Beta) Enable international private line during the use of oversea CDN acceleration service to improve back-to-origin connections