HTTPS forced Redirect

Last updated: 2020-03-19 17:57:04


Configure the scene

Tencent Cloud CDN supports configuring HTTPS to force Redirect. A domain name with a certificate for HTTPS acceleration can be configured. You can specify 301 CDN 302 Redirect method to forcibly jump all HTTP requests arriving at the CDN node to HTTPS.

Configuration Guid

View Settings

Login CDN console Select "Domain name Management" in the menu bar, and click "manage" on the right side of the domain name to enter "Advanced configuration" in the last column of the domain name configuration page. For the domain name that has been configured with HTTPS certificate, you can see the "Force Redirect" switch. By default, the forced jump is turned off.

Change Settings

You can click [Edit] on the right to switch between 301 and Redirect, or you can configure and close it directly through the switch.

If the service region of the domain name is global, the configured HTTPS forced jump transfer takes effect globally, and domestic and overseas configurations are not supported.