Intelligent compression configuration

Last updated: 2020-03-19 17:57:05


Configure the scene

Through intelligent compression configuration, CDN will compress resources with GZIP and Brotli according to the set rules when returning content, effectively reducing the size of transmitted content and saving overhead.

  • When a new resource is requested for the first time, because the CDN node does not have this resource, Origin-pull will be requested. The uncompressed version will be returned (real server is not compressed), and the node compressed version will be returned for subsequent requests.
  • At present, intelligent compression only supports static acceleration and download acceleration.

Configuration Guid

View Settings

Login CDN console Select "Domain name Management" in the menu bar, and click "manage" on the right side of the domain name to enter the domain name configuration page. You can see the intelligent compression configuration in "Advanced configuration":

  • When an accelerated domain name is connected, it defaults to the suffixes .js, .html, .css, .xml, .json, .shtml, .htm, and enables Gzip compression for resources within the 256Byte-2048KB range.

Change Settings

You can click "Edit" on the right to specify the compressed file suffix and file range.


  • GZIP supports compression in the range of 0MB-30MB.
  • The Brotli compression feature is being upgraded and cannot be enabled for the time being.

If the acceleration region of the domain name is global, the intelligent compression configuration will take effect globally when enabled, and inconsistent configurations between domestic and overseas configurations are not supported.