Entire Network Status Monitoring

Last updated: 2020-01-19 15:32:48


You can check the status of ISPs across the entire network in the CDN Console. CDN sends continuous requests to monitoring files at detection points across regions and collects their response data to obtain corresponding information about latency and availability of ISPs across regions.

Real-time network status overview

  1. Log in to the CDN Console.
  2. Go to Query Service > Global Status on the left sidebar to enter the monitoring page.
  3. You can view the real-time status overview of the entire network to check the latency and availability of each region.
    Network Overview
    • Hover over the regions to see the data of three major ISPs (China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom). Small and medium-sized ISPs are included when calculating the average latency or availability.
    • In the figure, refresh time for real-time data is one minute.

Status overview of the entire network

In Network Monitoring, you can query the historical latency and availability charts of the specified region or ISP for a specified time period.

  1. Click *Select Regions and Carriers to create a query.
    Overview of the entire network

    Time range: You can query the access statistics for the last 30 days with a maximum time span of 30 days.

  2. After selecting the query conditions, click Confirm to view the latency and availability charts.