Quota Limits

Last updated: 2021-07-28 17:45:11

    SCF has certain quota limits for each user account.

    Quota Limits

    The quota limits for each user account are as follows:

    Content Default Quota Limit
    Maximum number of functions per namespace per region 50
    Total function concurrency quota per region 128,000 MB
    (Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, and Hong Kong (China))
    64,000 MB
    (Mumbai, Singapore, Tokyo, Toronto, Silicon Valley, Frankfurt, Shenzhen Finance, and Shanghai Finance)
    Maximum number of triggers per function 10
    Maximum number of same-type triggers per function 10
    Maximum code size before compression (including bound layers) per function (version) 500 MB
    Total function code size per region 100 GB
    Maximum environment variable size per function 4 KB

    • SCF currently supports 10,000-level concurrency, which can effectively support scenarios with high concurrency demand such as ecommerce promotions and parallel processing of medical and biological data.
    • The concurrency quota per region on the SCF platform is shared by all functions by default. You can customize the concurrency for specific functions to meet your actual needs. To request an increase in the quota, please submit a ticket to apply.
    • In SCF, a COS trigger has limits in two dimensions: SCF and COS, as detailed below:
    • SCF dimension: one function can be bound to 10 COS triggers at most.
    • COS dimension: the same event and prefix/suffix rule of one function can trigger up to 3 functions, and one COS bucket can be bound to 10 rules at most.

    The limits for the function runtime environment are as follows:

    Item Quota Limit
    Allocated memory Minimum: 64 MB, maximum: 3,072 MB, in increments of 128 MB starting from 128 MB
    Temporary cache space; i.e., size of the /tmp directory 512 MB
    Timeout period Minimum: 1 second, maximum: 900 seconds
    Number of file descriptors 1,024
    Total processes and threads 1,024
    Sync request event size 6 MB
    Sync request response size 6 MB
    Async request event size 128 KB

    If the size of a Base64-encoded file is below 6 MB, you can pass the encoded file to SCF through API Gateway. Otherwise, we recommend you upload the file to COS and pass the object address to SCF first. Then, SCF will pull the file from COS to complete the upload.