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Cloud Connect Network APIs

API Name Feature
AcceptAttachCcnInstances Accepts instance association to a CCN
AttachCcnInstances Associates an instance with a CCN
CreateCcn Creates a CCN
DeleteCcn Deletes a CCN
DescribeCcnAttachedInstances Queries the list of instances associated with a CCN
DescribeCcnRoutes Queries the CCN routing policy
DescribeCcns Queries the CCN list
DetachCcnInstances Unbinds instances from a CCN
DisableCcnRoutes Disables CCN routes
EnableCcnRoutes Enables CCN routes
ModifyCcnAttribute Modifies CCN attributes
ModifyCcnRegionBandwidthLimitsType Policy of modifying bandwidth limits of the postpaid Ccn products
RejectAttachCcnInstances Rejects instance association
ResetAttachCcnInstances Re-applies for the instance association
SetCcnRegionBandwidthLimits Sets the outbound bandwidth cap of each CCN region

Direct Connect Gateway APIs

API Name Feature
CreateDirectConnectGatewayCcnRoutes Creates the CCN route of a Direct Connect gateway
DeleteDirectConnectGatewayCcnRoutes Deletes CCN routes of a Direct Connect gateway
DescribeDirectConnectGatewayCcnRoutes Queries the CCN routes of a Direct Connect gateway
ReplaceDirectConnectGatewayCcnRoutes Replaces the CCN routes of a Direct Connect gateway


API Name Feature
AllocateAddresses Creates an EIP
AssociateAddress Binds an Elastic IP
DescribeAddressQuota Queries EIP quotas
DescribeAddresses Queries the EIP list
DescribeTaskResult Queries the async job execution results
DisassociateAddress Unbinds an EIP
ModifyAddressAttribute Modifies EIP attributes
ModifyAddressesBandwidth Modifies EIP bandwidth
ReleaseAddresses Releases the EIP
TransformAddress Switches an ordinary IP to an EIP

API Name Feature
AssignIpv6Addresses Assigns an IPv6 address
AttachNetworkInterface Binds an ENI to a CVM
CreateNetworkInterface Creates an ENI
DeleteNetworkInterface Deletes an ENI
DescribeNetworkInterfaceLimit DescribeNetworkInterfaceLimit
DetachNetworkInterface Unbinds an ENI from a CVM
MigrateNetworkInterface Migrates an ENI
MigratePrivateIpAddress Migrates private IPs of an ENI
ModifyIpv6AddressesAttribute Modifies the IPv6 address attributes of an ENI
ModifyNetworkInterfaceAttribute Modifies an ENI
ModifyPrivateIpAddressesAttribute Modifies the private IP information of an ENI
UnassignIpv6Addresses Releases IPv6 addresses
UnassignPrivateIpAddresses Returns the private IPs of an ENI

Highly Available Virtual IP APIs

API Name Feature
CreateHaVip Creates the HAVIP
DeleteHaVip Deletes an HAVIP
DescribeHaVips Queries the HAVIP list
HaVipAssociateAddressIp Binds an EIP to an HAVIP
HaVipDisassociateAddressIp Unbinds an EIP from HAVIP
ModifyHaVipAttribute Modifies HAVIP attributes

NAT Gateway APIs

API Name Feature
CreateNatGateway Creates a NAT gateway
CreateNatGatewayDestinationIpPortTranslationNatRule Creates a port forwarding rule for a NAT gateway
DeleteNatGateway Deletes a NAT gateway
DeleteNatGatewayDestinationIpPortTranslationNatRule Deletes a port forwarding rule for a NAT gateway
DescribeNatGatewayDestinationIpPortTranslationNatRules Queries the port forwarding rule of a NAT gateway
DescribeNatGateways Queries a NAT gateway
DisassociateNatGatewayAddress Unbinds an EIP from a NAT gateway
ModifyNatGatewayAttribute Modifies the attributes of a NAT gateway
ModifyNatGatewayDestinationIpPortTranslationNatRule Modifies a port forwarding rule for a NAT gateway
ResetNatGatewayConnection Adjusts the concurrent connection cap for the NAT gateway

API Name Feature
CheckNetDetectState CheckNetDetectState
CreateNetDetect CreateNetDetect
DeleteNetDetect DeleteNetDetect
DescribeNetDetectStates DescribeNetDetectStates
DescribeNetDetects DescribeNetDetects
ModifyNetDetect ModifyNetDetect

Network Parameter Template APIs

API Name Feature
CreateAddressTemplate Creates an IP address template
CreateAddressTemplateGroup Creates an IP address template group
CreateServiceTemplate Creates a protocol port template
CreateServiceTemplateGroup Creates a protocol port template group
DeleteAddressTemplate Deletes an IP address template
DeleteAddressTemplateGroup Deletes an IP address template group
DeleteServiceTemplate Deletes a protocol port template
DeleteServiceTemplateGroup Deletes a protocol port template group
DescribeAddressTemplateGroups Queries an IP address template group
DescribeAddressTemplates Queries an IP address template
DescribeServiceTemplateGroups Queries a protocol port template group
DescribeServiceTemplates Queries a protocol port template
ModifyAddressTemplateAttribute Modifies an IP address template
ModifyAddressTemplateGroupAttribute Modifies an IP address template group
ModifyServiceTemplateAttribute Modifies a protocol port template
ModifyServiceTemplateGroupAttribute Modifies a protocol port template group

Other APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeGatewayFlowMonitorDetail Queries the monitoring details of a gateway

Route Table APIs

API Name Feature
CreateRouteTable Creates a route table
CreateRoutes Creates a routing policy
DeleteRouteTable Deletes a route table
DeleteRoutes Deletes a routing policy
ModifyRouteTableAttribute Modifies route table attributes
ReplaceRouteTableAssociation Replaces the association relation of a route table
ReplaceRoutes Replaces a routing policy
ResetRoutes Resets the names and routing policies of route tables

Security Group APIs

API Name Feature
CreateSecurityGroup Creates a security group
CreateSecurityGroupPolicies Adds policies to a security group
DeleteSecurityGroup Deletes a security group
DeleteSecurityGroupPolicies Deletes security group policies
DescribeSecurityGroupAssociationStatistics Queries statistics on the instances associated with a security group
DescribeSecurityGroupPolicies Queries security group policies
DescribeSecurityGroups Queries security groups
ModifySecurityGroupAttribute Modifies security group attributes
ModifySecurityGroupPolicies Modifies the outbound and inbound policies of a security group
ReplaceSecurityGroupPolicy Replaces a single routing policy of a security group

Subnet APIs

API Name Feature
AssignIpv6SubnetCidrBlock Assigns an IPv6 subnet IP range
CreateSubnet Creates a subnet
CreateSubnets Creates subnets in batches
DeleteSubnet Deletes a subnet
DescribeSubnets Queries the subnet list
ModifySubnetAttribute Modifies subnet attributes
UnassignIpv6SubnetCidrBlock Releases the IPv6 subnet IP range


API Name Feature
AssignIpv6CidrBlock Assigns an IPv6 IP range
AttachClassicLinkVpc Creates a Classiclink
CreateDefaultVpc Creates a default VPC and subnets
CreateVpc Creates a VPC
DeleteVpc Deletes a VPC
DescribeAccountAttributes Queries account attributes
DescribeClassicLinkInstances Queries the list of Classiclink
DescribeVpcIpv6Addresses Queries the IPv6 list of a VPC
DescribeVpcPrivateIpAddresses Queries the private IP information of a VPC
DescribeVpcs Queries the VPC list
DetachClassicLinkVpc Deletes a Classiclink
ModifyVpcAttribute Modifies VPC attributes
UnassignIpv6CidrBlock Releases IPv6 IP range

VPN Gateway APIs

API Name Feature
CreateVpnConnection Creates a VPN tunnel
CreateVpnGateway Creates a VPN gateway
DeleteVpnConnection Deletes VPN tunnels
DeleteVpnGateway Deletes a VPN gateway
DescribeVpnConnections Queries the VPN tunnel list
DescribeVpnGateways Queries VPN gateways
DownloadCustomerGatewayConfiguration Downloads a VPN tunnel configuration
InquiryPriceCreateVpnGateway Queries the price for VPN gateway creation
ModifyVpnConnectionAttribute Modifies the VPN tunnel
ModifyVpnGatewayAttribute Modifies VPN gateway attributes
ResetVpnConnection Resets a VPN tunnel
ResetVpnGatewayInternetMaxBandwidth Adjusts the bandwidth cap of a VPN gateway